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Little People's Day Care & Preschool
The preschool room is for ages 3 1/2 to 6; this class is already potty trained.
The toddler room is 1 to 3 1/2; potty training is available for toddlers. Admission criteria is at least 1 and walking.
Preschool Room
Toddler Room
The teachers here are great. They have a lot of patience. My son loves them all. He enjoys going here and I enjoy hearing about his day when I pick him up. Thank you all! JO
I'm thankful that my daughter is so happy to go to Little People's Day Care & Preschool everyday and has so much fun and gets mad when I don't take her. That's when you know you picked the right preschool!! AV
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I would rate them 10+ stars ... Absolutely fabulous ... not only am I as a parent happy but most importantly my son loves it ... best teachers, best owner. Hands down best preschool EVER!!! ...THANK YOU for being so dang awesome. MS
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Preschool Hanging Out
Best in the city! My daughter loved Little People's Daycare and she misses it greatly! Staff was awesome and can I just say HOLY CREATIVITY!!! 5 stars hands down! :) I would recommend sending your children here! WS